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  • Ideas & Tips for Making Pony Bead Alphabet Bracelets

    name bracelets shown on wrist

    Alphabet beads and pony beads are one of the most popular and easiest ways to create customized and colorful bracelets, necklaces, arts and crafts.

    There are few easy steps to make bracelets in your own color scheme. Bracelets can be customized for an event theme, fundraiser or special occasion.

    Choose a Color Scheme

    Our pony beads come in different colors and shades of red, orange, blue, green and purple, plus we have color combos like Rainbow themes, Mermaid and Princess bead themesJewel Tone bead color combos and more. 

    Here are some ideas for color combos you can use:

    • two color combos - such as pink and purple or blue and green, school colors also make great color combos so you can make school spirit bracelets
    • three color combos - such as blue, pink and purple, or turquoise, pink and black  
    • monochromatic combos - use different shades of one color like light pink, medium pink and dark pink, you can also add white, clear or black as an accent color, this is also a great way to create an ombre effect
    • rainbow color combo - use a full range of colors to create fun and color bracelets, experiment with different patterns

    With our pre-mixed pony bead combos and pony bead kits, it will be easy to find groups of bead colors that look good together. You can create bracelets in a variety of color combos or stick to a specific theme.

    Choose Alphabet Beads

    To include alphabet beads in your project, you can choose from packages of mixed letters to spell different names and inspirational words and phrases. Or, you can choose specific letters to spell a certain word or phrase to fit your event or party theme.

    How many beads do you need to make a bracelet?

    Using 6x9mm pony beads and 7mm cube alphabet beads are the best match, they are very similar in size and also have similar hole sizes. 6mm cube alphabet beads work very well also.

    To make a 7" bracelet, use about 30 beads and about 12" of string (your string needs to be longer than the actual bracelet for knotting purposes). To make a smaller bracelet, use less beads. If you need to make your bracelet larger, add a few more beads. 4 pony beads is equal to about 1 inch (0.94")

    *Above info based on 6mm wide beads. If you use different size beads, the amount of beads you need will change depending on the bead size.

    What types of string should you use to make bracelets?

    Elastic string is very popular for bracelets because you don't need to use clasps, the bracelets are very easy to put on and take off, and you can make different bracelets sizes by cutting longer or shorter lengths of elastic.

    Making Beaded Necklaces

    You can use the same supplies to make necklaces, you just need to cut the elastic longer - common necklace lengths are 18", 20", 22" and 24" long.

    Decide how long you want to make your necklace and add 2-3 inches for knotting and adjustments. You can also use leather cord, suede, colored cord, or braid embroidery floss.

    Tip: Make sure the necklace is long enough to go comfortable over the head to put it on, for shorter necklaces, add a clasp.

    Pony Bead Alphabet Bead Bracelet Ideas

    Pony beads and alphabet beads can be used to make name bracelets as gifts or party favors. Creating inspirational bracelets with positive and motivational phrases are popular as bracelet designs as well.

    For another fun activity, add a bead bracelet making station to your next party, festival or event. Pre-cut 12" of elastic and use bowls to organize different pony bead colors, bead shapes and alphabet beads.

    Friends can make bracelets together, and tie them on each other's wrists, making this creative activity a positive bonding experience at your part or event.


    • Elastic cord per bracelet, about 11-12" per bracelet
    • 6x9mm pony beads and alphabet beads
    • soft place mat
    • scissors
    • bead stopper, clothes pin or binder clip
    • beading needle (optional, but can be faster for stringing beads)


    1. Cut 11-12" or elastic cord
    2. Attach a bead stopper (or clothes pin / binder clip) to one end of the elastic to keep beads from falling off while you are working
    3. String beads in the desired order
    4. When finished, double knot the elastic and trim the access

    More Tips

    • Add charms or tassels to add more personality and style to your bracelets.
    • Create color coordinated bracelet sets for a stacked, or layered bracelet look, sets of 3, 5 and 8 bracelets are popular.
    • For phrases and messages that are too long for a single bracelet, make multiple bracelets with one word per bracelet and stack them together to create the full message.

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