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  • 10 Ways to Use Pony Beads [DIY Bead Ideas]

    beaded bracelets graphic

    There are so many uses for pony beads, we can't mention them all, but here are some really popular ideas. Creating with pony beads is fun for friends and family and everyone can try the project ideas below.

    Here are 10 DIY Pony Bead Ideas:

    1) Make Name Bracelets

    Name bracelets are easy to make, you just need pony beads, alphabet beads and elastic. You're not limited to just names, you can spell special messages. Inspirational bracelets also make great gifts. Use elastic or stretch cord to make stretch bracelets and add charms and tassels as unique accents.

    2) Make School Spirit Bracelets & Necklaces

    Use alphabet beads to show your school spirit and spell out school team names and slogans. Use pony beads to represent school colors. Examples of popular school color combos include red and black, blue and yellow, purple and white, navy and black - no matter the combo, we have so many pony bead colors to represent your team. Use elastic or stretch cord to make stretch bracelets. To make necklaces, you can use ribbon, cotton cord, hemp cord, or leather to create long, colorful necklaces for your game day ensemble.

    3) DIY Alphabet Bead Keychains

    Create custom keychains using a combination of pony beads and vertical hole alphabet beads. To make keychains you need 2-3mm cord, pony beads and other decorative beads of your choice and vertical hole alphabet beads. Horizontal alphabet beads can work well too. You will also need key rings and split rings.

    4) Create Beaded Necklaces

    Making necklaces is another great way to use pony beads. Since pony beads come in so many different colors, you can try out unlimited combinations of patterns and color combinations. Using elastic cord is an easy way to make necklaces without having to use. You just need to make the necklace large enough to fit over the head. 

    Pony beads can also be combined with other shapes and materials like wood, glass, clay, or natural stones to create fashionable and stylish accessories.

    5) Use Pony Beads to Make Beaded Banners

    Beaded banners have been popular for many years. You can weave pony beads into images, pictures and designs to make banners and wall hangings. 

    6) Have a Bead Party

    Add a fun and creative activity to your next party or event with DIY jewelry beads & supplies that match your party theme. 

    You can set up a colorful beading table as a decorative element for your event along with color coordinated balloons and flowers - don't forget yummy and color coordinated cupcakes, sweets and snacks. 

    7) Make Bead Kit Party Favors

    If you are having a party, your guests will love taking home a little bead kit. All you need are some little jars or containers and fill them with pony beads and elastic. You can decorate the jars with tags and ribbon for a personalized touch.

    8) Sparkly Beaded Suncatchers

    Use transparent or glitter pony beads to create suncatchers to hang from your window. Simple suncatchers can be made with beads and heavy weight fishing line. Intricate designs can be woven with beads as well.

    9) Beaded Ornaments

    Beads are a great way to make ornaments for wall hangings and holiday decorations. Since they come in so many colors, your beads can easily be color coordinated with the season and occasion.

    10) Hair Braids

    Pony beads have holes that are large enough for small braids. Adding beads to your braids are a fun way to add style and personality to your look. All you need is pony beads and small rubber bands. 

    Here are some more tips for  pony bead jewelry & crafts:

    • Use a variety of different colors and shapes of beads to create different unique designs.
    • Handy tools to have for beading include a bead mat or soft fabric place mat, scissors, small binder clips, beading needles, wire cutters, and jewelry pliers.
    • Don't be afraid to experiment and try different color combos and patterns.
    • Create with friends and share ideas - great conversation and laughter will always make arts & crafts so much more fun!

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