How To Make Inspirational Beaded Bracelets [Single and Layered Bracelet Stacks]

alphabet bead bracelets on wrist

Inspiration bracelets have been popular for many years because of the positive message and kindness they bring to people. You can make them just for fun or make them for gifts, party favors and special occasions or fundraisers.

Hosting a bracelet making activity during a party, baby shower, bridal shower and social event is also a fun way to bond with friends and be creative at the same time. Stretch bracelets are simple to make so everyone can join the creative activity.

You just need a few simple materials like beads and stretch cord and the only tools you really need are a ruler and a pair of scissors. To make a stretch bracelets, cut about 11-12" of stretch cord, string on the beads and tie a double knot. More details are included below.

Express yourself and create bracelets with special messages or sayings using craft beads, pony beads and alphabet beads for bracelets. Using alphabet beads, you can spell out inspirational words like "HOPE", "LOVE" and "PEACE". You can also elevate your bracelet style by creating stacks of beaded bracelets layered with alphabet bead bracelets and charm bracelets. At the bottom of this post we have added more motivational words and phrases for more bracelet design inspiration.

How to Create a Stacked Bracelet Set

To create this stacked bracelet look, all you need are:

- alphabet beads
- pony beads
- craft beads
- elastic jewelry cord

Supplies for Making Stretch Bracelets 

  • Elastic cord per bracelet, about 11-12" per bracelet
  • 6x9mm pony beads and alphabet beads
  • soft place mat
  • scissors
  • bead stopper, clothes pin or binder clip
  • beading needle (optional, but can be faster for stringing beads)

    How to Make
     Stretch Bracelets

    1. Cut 11-12" or elastic cord
    2. Attach a bead stopper (or clothes pin / binder clip) to one end of the elastic to keep beads from falling off while you are working
    3. String beads in the desired order
    4. When finished, double knot the elastic and trim the access

    Inspirational Bead Bracelet Design Ideas 

    You may already have a special word or phrase for your bracelet design to fit a special occasion, fundraiser or event. Below are more popular words and phrases for bracelets that can be made with pony bead and alphabet beads. Beads can also be used to make necklaces and key chains.

    BRAVE - make a bracelet as a reminder of courage and kindness for yourself and others. Choose pony beads in glitter colors or pearlized bead colors for extra glam!

    BE KIND is a phrase of positivity and kindness that can fit any occasion or event theme. In addition to use alphabet beads, you can choose a specific pony bead color scheme if you want to make these in school colors or for a specific event.

    More Tips

    • Try out different color combinations like a pastel color theme, neon color combo or use different shades of one color to create a stylish monochromatic, ombre look
    • Add charms to your bracelets using jump rings, tassels are also fun accents to use in your projects
    • Use different shapes like heart beads, flower beads, star beads or butterfly beads in combination with pony beads and letter beads
    • Create color coordinated bracelet sets for a stacked, or layered bracelet look, sets of 3, 5 and 8 bracelets are popular.
    • For phrases and messages that are too long for a single bracelet, make multiple bracelets with one word per bracelet and stack them together to create the full message.
    • Create a name bracelet and layer it with other beaded bracelets to give to friends as gifts or party favors, a bundle of bracelets can be tied together with a pretty ribbon

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