Pony Beads Made in the USA - Over 230 Colors & Mixes

Take your pony bead projects to the next level with our gorgeous color selection of plastic pony beads. Our pony beads are available in 5 different color effects including: Opaque (Solid Colors)Transparent ColorsGlitter ColorsPearlized ColorsGlow in the Dark Colors. Our large color selection of craft beads give creators and artists the option to customized bead projects, create jewelry to match school colors or party themes, and make name bracelets by adding alphabet beads. Pony beads are great for party favors as well as party and holiday decorations. Pony beads, also called crow beads, are versatile plastic beads, and are perfect for so many different arts & craft projects, hair braiding, bead banners, key chains, bracelets, necklaces and more. Our bulk packages and wholesale pony beads are popular for group projects, party activities, fundraisers and other events. Combine these gorgeous colored pony beads with alphabet letter & number beads to make name jewelry. We offer cheap bulk packages of pony beads for large gatherings, school art projects, church craft projects, group & party events and special occasions. Our pony bead colors range from basic, primary, solid colors to shimmery pearlized colors that have the look of pearls, or add sparkle and glitz to your projects with our glitter pony beads. Our color selection of plastic craft beads and hair beads also include glow in the dark beads, neon multi color pony beads, and many fun color mixes! There are many options to choose from to suit many occasions such as baby showers, wedding favors, bridal showers, team spirit projects and more. Kandi kids and festival goers also love pony beads for making themed bracelets in bright neon colors. Our multi-color assortments are popular for hair braiding, name bracelets and jewelry making. Shop for Pony Beads >>

What is a Pony Bead?

Pony beads, also called crow beads are drum or barrel shaped beads, usually made of plastic and characterized by a large 4mm hole so that many types of stringing material can fit through the hole, including braids of hair. It is believed that native indians used beads to decorate horse related gear and sometimes braided them into the horse's mane. The most common type of pony bead measure 6 x 9mm and has a 4mm hole. The shape of pony beads are like fat tires. Modern variations of this classic bead include the mini pony bead which is 4 x 7mm. Mini pony beads are a great match with round alphabet beads, while the regular 6 x 9mm size is good with 7mm cube alphabet beads. Jumbo pony beads are 8 x 11mm in size, they are fun chunky beads and are great with 11mm alphabet letter beads. Another version of the classic pony bead has facets on the surface that reflect light. Pony bead shapes are also a option that include hearts, flowers, butterflies and stars. All pony beads are very popular for a large variety of arts & crafts and jewelry making projects. These beads come in many different colors and are economical, especially for large bead projects or group bead projects. Pony beads are available as individual colors or bags with mixed colors.

Bead Bracelet Ideas & Kids Crafts

One of the most popular crafts that incorporate colors pony beads are bracelets and kids crafts, especially for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and other holidays.