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    We are designers and creatives who are obsessed with color and fun! Beads are a universal symbol of creativity and kindness, especially pony beads which are faves for making friendship bracelets to share and spread positivity! Please have fun browsing our shop! We have craft beads in gorgeous colors and craft beads in unique premixed color combos, plus supplies like craft string and stretch cord for your unique beaded bracelet & jewelry creations! With our pre-mixed pony bead combos and pony bead kits, it will be easy to find groups of bead colors that look good together. You can create bracelets in a variety of color combos or stick to a specific theme. Don't forget to check out our $1 DOLLAR SHOP!



    mixed colors of pony beads in a pastel color scheme

    Pastel Color Craft Bead Mixes

    see pastel beads
    mixed colors of pony beads in a princess color inspired mix of pinks, blues and purple colors

    Princess, Unicorn, Fairy Tale Inspired Craft Bead Mixes

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    a mix of pony beads in assorted bright colors

    Rainbow & Festival Craft Bead Mixes

    see festival bead mixes
    mixed colors of pony beads in different shades of pink and purple

    Berry Inspired Pony Bead Mixes & Colors

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