Clear Plastic Fountain Pen with Colored Inks

A super cool, clear fountain pen for calligraphy, handwritten notes, drawing, sketching and journaling. A great way to add color and fun to your arts and craft projects.

  • transparent pen let's you see the ink color
  • steel EF nib
  • includes 12 ink cartridges in a variety of colors
  • includes a refillable convertor to fill with your ink of choice
  • Convertor and ink cartridges can be rinsed out and reused. Convertor comes with either a slide or twist mechanism for filling with ink.

What is a convertor?
A convertor is basically a refillable ink cartridge. It has an ink reservoir with a knob attached to pull in the ink, it works kind of like a syringe so you can fill it with any color fountain pen ink.

- Only use ink specifically for fountain pens
- Clean nib as needed and when changing ink to prevent clogging
- Use the right type of paper
- Use the bore hole size to purchase the correct size ink cartridges